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Thousands of years ago Adi Yogi arrived in this part of mystic Himalayas and transmitted the knowledge of yoga for enriching the human consciousness. Later sage Agstya spread this knowledge to yogis in the Himalayas and thousands of Indians. Today at Sattya Yoga, we are trying to receive those vibes through our spiritual practices and making a honest effort to elevate & transform our selves to conscious human being in our day to day life which may further lead to final goal of our human lives as per the time tested ancient Indian practices of Science of Wisdom. Sattya yoga is an effort to give you the richness of Hatha Yoga in refined& reinvented way as per todays life style. Soak in yourself to a spiritual experience of life time at the very place of its origin

– The Mystical Himalayas


Sattya Yoga is practiced and shared in special high energy areas of Himalayan foot hills, where saints and Rishis have meditated &
vibrated the place from time immemorial

Tapovan – literally means the meditation forest. Peacefully located High Bank Peasants cottage in Tapovan area is an ideal venue for the peace seeker coming to Rishikesh. Away from the busy town of Rishikesh – Tapovan is a small village in higher area overlooking the Ganga river flowing through the holy town of Rishikesh. One can stay at High Bank Peasants cottage and take part in Sattya yoga sharing classes on daily basis. Options of Initiation course (Three Nights & Fourdays) & Manahan (Six Nights & Seven days) are also available. Up to week long courses have the provision of taking you to spiritually vibrant places near Rishikesh and longer courses have provision to take you to exclusive places in the Himalayas to make your spiritual Journey, a special one. Accommodation in High Bank Peasants Cottage is in tastefully designed spacious rooms with Air-conditioning, hot water & attached bathrooms. With beautiful Garden areas the Terraces have the best 360 degrees view of Ganges & the town with lower Himalayan foot hills……

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